Simon Reception- 8/24/13- Heritage Golf Club- Hilliard, Ohio

August 25, 2013

After spending time in early August providing DJ services for various other special events around Central Ohio, it was time to get back into the heat of the busy wedding season.  On Saturday 8/24/13, I provided MC services and DJ entertainment for the new Mr.  & Mrs. Anthony Simon!  Their reception was held at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard, Ohio.  Heritage Golf Club is a private course located just outside downtown Hilliard.
The cocktail hour took place on a large back patio area that overlooks the golf course.  As guests arrived, they were treated to a live acoustic guitarist for entertainment.  The reception took place inside the main clubhouse area which turned out to be a very elegant and unique facility.   Heritage Golf Club provided most all of the decorations and catering services for the event.
The reception for Anthony & Ashley was extremely fun and definitely one to remember.  Some crowds are eager and just love to dance.  As a DJ, this is something that’s very noticeable early on during a reception.  The dance floor was busy from the first song to the last, and the guests had a lot of excellent requests.   Similar to concert, as the last song ended the entire dance floor turned and started to chant “one more song.”  I somewhat expected this ………..and didn’t let them down.



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AUDiO-PRO Mobile DJ Entertainment, LLC- Sound & Lighting Systems Information

August 2, 2013

I often get asked by both clients and fellow DJs, about the sound gear I use at events.  When I talk with potential clients, unless asked or if I feel my equipment will offer a solution for a client, I don’t normally discuss gear.  Although it is very important that a DJ have professional and reliable gear, I feel that the equipment a DJ uses is a very small portion of what makes for a fun, memorable, and successful event.
I have always strived for a simple, clean, and professional looking approach to my set-up.   Over the years, I have slowly upgraded to some of the best available products on the market.  My systems have the capability to provide sound and lighting for almost any size special event.
The speaker systems I use are from QSC and are part of their K-Series of speakers. Depending on the venue set-up and sound requirements, I use a mixture of both the K12 and the K8 series speakers. The difference between the two is the size of the woofer and also their sound distribution. If the venue requires a bit more bass to help fill end the low ends, I bring along a KW181 subwoofer.
A few years back, I added a brand new microphone system to my set-up.  The unit consists of multiple Shure receivers and a UHF power distribution system for working with multiple receivers.  75% of my business is weddings, and this new microphone system gives me the capability to provide multiple microphones (handhelds or lapel) in a variety of different applications.  I also added a storage drawer to the bottom of the unit to help house my wireless speaker system as well as other lapel and handheld microphones.
For DJ software, I use Virtual DJ running on a MacBook Pro and use a simple DJ mixer from Pioneer (DJM-5000) to mix music.  This is an outstanding mixer and one of the best pieces of gear I have purchased to date.  Although all my music has been converted to MP3s, I still use an American Audio CD player for back-up.  With lighting, I keep things very basic.  I currently run multiple Chauvet 4-Play-CL units as well as a few Chauvet 4-Bar Flex fixtures.  This creates a great light show for almost any size event.
I take tremendous pride in both the overall sound and presentation of my system. I strive daily to become a better DJ and improve services I can provide to my clients as well as keep up to date with the new products that come to market. If I feel they can help improve my services, I test and integrate them into my business.


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Hause Reception- 7/13/12- All Occasions Catering- Waldo, Ohio

On Saturday 7/13/13, I provided MC services and DJ entertainment for the new Mr. & Mrs. William Hause! Their reception was held at All Occasions Catering in Waldo, Ohio.
I have traveled a lot since 2006 providing DJ services all over Ohio. All Occasions Catering & Banquet Facility is where I have been the most as this was my 75th wedding reception at their facility. All Occasions is one of top venues in the area and a perfect choice for wedding receptions. The staff is outstanding and their catering services are top notch.
I had a great time providing DJ entertainment for William and Brittany.   Everyone was extremely nice and the dance floor was filled the entire night!   After the last song, the guests filed outside to join the bride and groom in launching sky lanterns into the air. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. William Hause!


1IMG_6109edit-20130714-083311  1IMG_6111edit-20130714-083322  1IMG_6149edit-20130714-083409  Hause Review