Cunningham Reception- 6/22/13- Glenross Golf Club- Delaware, Ohio

June 26, 2013

On Saturday 6/22/13, I provided a ceremony sound system, MC services, and reception DJ entertainment for the new Mr. & Mrs. David Cunningham!  Their reception was held at Glenross Golf Club in Delaware, Ohio.
Glenross Golf Club is an elegant facility that features a large banquet hall and outdoor patio area for wedding receptions.  Just like the event I had last week at NorthStar Golf Club in Delaware, this for me was yet another first time visit. I was very impressed and Glennross did an excellent job.
The rough weather held off long just enough for David & Stephanie to exchange their vows, greet their guests, and take a few photos out on the golf course. Once the formal events were complete and the dancing started, it never stopped! This event was a blast and a definite night to remember for the new bride and groom. Congrats David & Stephanie!
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Bilyeu Reception- 6/15/13- NorthStar Golf Club- Sunbury, Ohio

June 18, 2013

On Saturday 6/15/13, I provided sound, MC services, and DJ entertainment for the new Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bilyeu! Their wedding reception was held at the NorthStar Golf Club in Sunbury, Ohio.
This was my first time at this location and it definitely was an excellent place for a wedding reception. The overall facility is very unique and features a reception and large back patio area that overlook the golf course. The event was catered by NorthStar and their services were top notch. Great music, a non-stop energetic crowd, and a premier venue made for a spectacular wedding event!


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