Catalina Reception- 5/25/13- Mohican Out-of Doors- Butler, Ohio

May 29, 2013

On Saturday 5/25/13, I provided a ceremony sound system and reception DJ entertainment for the new Mr. & Mrs. Adam Catalina.
Their reception was held at the Mohican School in the Out of Doors- Butler, Ohio.  This venue features a very unique lodge, outdoor learning centers, student dormitories, shelter houses, and other various trails and walking paths.  Excellent catering, an extremely fun crowd, and a great mix of music made for an outstanding wedding event!


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Thomas Reception- 5/24/13- St. Charles Preparatory School- Columbus, Ohio

On Friday 5/24/13, I provided reception DJ entertainment for the new Mr. & Mrs. Miles Thomas. Their reception was held at the Walter Commons within St. Charles Preparatory School- Columbus, Ohio.
This was my second time at this facility and it’s definitely one of my favorites. The catering by Mass Appeal was excellent and the décor was top notch. Great music, a fun crowd, and a premier wedding venue made for a night to remember for the new bride and groom.


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Wireless Speaker Systems from AUDiO-PRO Mobile DJ Entertainment

May 11, 2013

Every event is different and each client has a completely different set of needs for their event. In the early years of my mobile DJ business, I often struggled to find the best way to transmit audio to speakers on balconies, patios, separate rooms, or other remote locations within venues.  I can recall many times where I encountered difficult rooms set-ups, or was asked to set-up at a reception location and the cocktail hour would take place in a completely different room. This often would require extra time, long runs of cable, or even a separate set-up to accomplish the best sound.
Early in 2012, I added a SENNHEISER wireless speaker system to my offerings for weddings, corporate parties, or other special events. These wireless speaker systems are the highest quality, most versatile, and most portable solution for broadcasting audio from one speaker (or mixer) to a remote speaker or speakers.  For clients who encounter difficult room set-ups, or wish to utilize unique locations for their cocktail hour or ceremony, these transmitters & receivers are the perfect solution.
I have already put these systems to use multiple times in 2012 and 2013, and the photos below show my full set-up along with examples of balcony or large hall set-ups where I needed to get sound to difficult locations. Services like these high-end wireless speaker systems are one of many that I hope sets my DJ entertainment company apart from the competition.

1IMG_5070edit-20130511-082133   1IMG_5293edit-20130511-082013   1IMG_5062edit-20130511-082103  1IMG_6208-20130901-103209  1IMG_6365edit-20130916-155350wirelesfinal